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  • Anne Weimer
    Anne Weimer

    General Manager

  • Tim Koons
    Tim Koons

    Assistant General Manager

  • Lonny Whitcomb
    Lonny Whitcomb

    Director of Risk Management

  • Steve Martin
    Steve Martin

    Director of Resort Services

  • Christina Petrilli
    Christina Petrilli

    Marketing Director

  • Mary Kay Hall
    Mary Kay Hall

    Accounting Manager

  • Bill Powers
    Bill Powers

    HR Director & Payroll Manager

  • Candace Reichart
    Candace Reichart

    Office Manager & Administrative Support

  • Robyn Koons
    Robyn Koons

    Guest Relations Manager

  • Ava Winner
    Ava Winner

    Hotel Manager

  • Kurt Kampe
    Kurt Kampe

    Assistant Hotel Manager

  • Jimmy Koontz
    Jimmy Koontz

    Assistant Director of Resort Services

  • Andrew Agosta
    Andrew Agosta

    Rental Department Manager

  • Dan Marshall
    Dan Marshall

    Mountain Manager

  • Brad Hess
    Brad Hess

    Lift Maintenance Supervisor

  • Scott Miller
    Scott Miller

    Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor

  • Dave Gulden
    Dave Gulden

    Boulder Ridge Snow Tubing

  • Kevin Servant
    Kevin Servant

    Boulder Ridge Snow Tubing

  • Sis McDevitt
    Sis McDevitt

    Courtesy Supervisor

  • Robert Miller
    Robert Miller

    IT Manager

  • Justin Frazer
    Justin Frazer

    Group Sales Manager

  • Michelle Palmer
    Michelle Palmer

    Winter Group Sales Manager

  • Cyndi Locke
    Cyndi Locke

    Night Club Card Manager

  • Dwaine Wishard
    Dwaine Wishard

    Food & Beverage Director

  • Amy Yokum
    Amy Yokum

    Food & Beverage Administrative Manager

  • Kathie Fitzgerald
    Kathie Fitzgerald

    McKee's Tavern Manager

  • Tiffany Adams
    Tiffany Adams

    McKee's Tavern Assistant Manager

  • Kristina Bower
    Kristina Bower

    McKee's Tavern Bar Manager

  • Mindy Simonsen
    Mindy Simonsen

    Food Court Supervisor

  • Crystal Sites
    Crystal Sites

    Food Court Supervisor

  • James Hollis
    James Hollis

    Highland Lodge Restaurant Supervisor

  • Charles Rousey
    Charles Rousey

    Executive Chef

  • Terry Bowser
    Terry Bowser

    Banquet & Conference Coordinator

  • David Olszewski
    David Olszewski

    Sous Chef

  • Josh Spataro
    Josh Spataro

    Executive Sous Chef

  • Nate Kendle
    Nate Kendle

    Sneaky's Pizza Manager

  • Robert Koons
    Robert Koons

    Highland Lodge Bar Manager

  • Gavin Green
    Gavin Green

    Assistant Director of Golf & Head Golf Professional

  • Jamie Dennison
    Jamie Dennison

    Golf Course Superintendent

  • Curt Spence
    Curt Spence

    Golf Assistant Superintendent

  • Gary Nett
    Gary Nett

    Ski & Snowboard School Assistant Director

  • Cathy Hoffman
    Cathy Hoffman

    Ski & Snowboard School Assistant

  • Lisa Martin
    Lisa Martin

    CLC Ski School Manager

  • John Legge
    John Legge

    Snowboard School Supervisor

  • Holly Tierce
    Holly Tierce

    CLC Supervisor

  • Leslie White
    Leslie White

    Adaptive Supervisor

  • Sam Rudisill
    Sam Rudisill

    Terrain Park Manager

  • Debby Johnston
    Debby Johnston

    Liberty Mountain Sports Shop Manager

  • Randy Miller
    Randy Miller

    Lodge Maintenance Supervisor

  • Allen Smith
    Allen Smith

    Lodge Maintenance Supervisor

  • Hope Bean
    Hope Bean

    Call Center Supervisor

  • John Killian
    John Killian

    Security Supervisor

  • Denise Sanders
    Denise Sanders

    Housekeeping Supervisor

  • DeeDee Rudisill
    DeeDee Rudisill

    Sign Shop Supervisor

  • Doug Williams
    Doug Williams

    Daytime Ski Patrol Supervisor

  • Steve Sobolewski
    Steve Sobolewski

    Ski Patrol Director

  • Bob Duerr
    Bob Duerr

    Ski Patrol Director

  • Sharon Forrence
    Sharon Forrence

    Graphic Designer

  • Deanna Painter
    Deanna Painter

    Director of Sales

  • Missy Stimer
    Missy Stimer

    Wedding Sales Associate

  • Adrienne Weikert
    Adrienne Weikert

    Conference Sales Manager

  • Alyssa Bartlett
    Alyssa Bartlett

    Event Services Coordinator

  • Abby Kessler
    Abby Kessler

    Event Services Coordinator

  • Jeff Foreman
    Jeff Foreman

    Facilities Manager

  • Emma Kimmet
    Emma Kimmet

    Digital Media Coordinator

  • Matt Deal
    Matt Deal

    Mountain Events & Social Media Coordinator

  • Josh Warner
    Josh Warner

    Lift Supervisor

  • Rod Adams
    Rod Adams

    Lift Supervisor

  • Josh Wetzel
    Josh Wetzel

    Executive Sous Chef

  • Beth Ellis
    Beth Ellis

    Conferences Sales Manager

  • Jennifer Griffin
    Jennifer Griffin

    Ski & Snowboard School Assistant

  • Candace Martin
    Candace Martin

    Group Reservations Supervisor

  • Mike Deckert
    Mike Deckert

    IT Support

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